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13216What is Right and What is Wrong

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  • lovepeaceyes2000
    Aug 29 7:44 PM
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      Aloha everyone: When I was a child my grandmother would tell me
      that there is no such thing as right or wrong when it comes to our
      spirit advancement. Over the years many have come to me with the
      opposition to the words of what my grandmother said. Yesterday and
      today seems no different. So please share with me for one moment in
      time these thoughts and please let me know how you feel about such
      thoughts. The angels when they look at the world around them they
      do not see right or wrong all they see is the good in the balance or
      unbalance. Then they work to make the good better… On the other
      hand one may see these thoughts - What is nectar for one may be
      poison for the other, while even another it becomes nectar once
      again… Then there is the thoughts of even the angels say that we
      are greater then them for we can see what is right and wrong through
      the taste of Karma, where they do not see such energy…. When a
      person does something in life is it because of past life or past
      action or just action you made not to long ago? I was once walking
      with a guru into a bar and by the time he and I came out there was
      so much talk of many levels of how can a guru walk into the bar and
      spent so long a time? Really what happen was he was asking for a
      drink of water and it was the only place open at the time… Then he
      made friends there for they started to ask why he dress like he did
      and what is it he teaches, and so on snd so on. Funny how we look
      at the world and the things around us yeah? I can only say from my
      point of thought is OM TAT SAT…. Write back tell me what you think
      of the questions…. Your friend and Brother in the Light Rama