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1321Journal Entry, Eve-November 1 - Eve

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  • Tony
    Nov 4, 2002
      Hi Eve,

      I am not sure if we talked about this before but have you tried focusing on
      the pain sensations while you meditate? I sense that the pain may have an
      emotional part to it as well as a physical part. Exploring the emotional
      part might reduce the overall sensation of pain.


      "...I have had physical discomfort during my sessions, which I believe
      is just due to getting used to meditating again. I began my session
      sitting on the edge of the bed with my eyes closed. After 20 minutes
      or so my back began to hurt. The pain got so bad I had to shift
      position and lay down on the bed. I opened my eyes at this point to
      keep from falling asleep. This worked for a little while then I
      noticed my concentration starting to slip and I was getting sleepy,
      so I decided to end my session. I noticed that when I lay down on the
      bed my back pain went away, but was quickly replaced by tenseness in
      my jaw. I couldn't really watch my thoughts because I was too focused
      on how my body was feeling..."
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