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13209Nasrudin is right on the money

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Aug 26, 2004
      Nasrudin had a habit of keeping his money in different places and then
      forgetting where he had put it. So, a friend of his who was a bank
      manager urged him to put his money in the bank and use checks to pay
      for things, and in this way Nasrudin would always be able to keep
      track of his money. A few days later he was surprised to see Nasrudin
      come into the bank looking very upset. He called him to his desk and
      asked "Nasrudin, what's the matter?" And Nasrudin started moaning and
      crying as he explained "Before I lost my money by myself, but I would
      sometimes find some of my money. And now I've lost it all because your
      bank has lost all of its money." "Why that's preposterous. Our bank is
      secure and its money is safe. Why do you doubt this?" asked the
      banker. "Well" said Nasrudin, "I wrote a check and it came back marked
      'insufficient funds'!!!"