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13186Re: On self proclamation

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Aug 22, 2004
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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com,
      medit8ionsociety <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > "When God is there, man is not; when man is there,God is
      > Buru Bawa

      Yes, once the Wisdom Whisper
      is heard, the person who hears
      it is no more. Their core identity
      has been shattered and replaced
      with what theists call God
      Consciousness, past the duality
      and illusion of separation.

      If that person were to later proclaim
      what was heard as a personal attribute,
      which they could only do from their
      false identity and personal pride,
      then the "Whisperer" would be no more –
      the false identity (popularly referred
      to as "ego" in this context) would
      be back in the house.

      The difficulty for the recipient
      of the gift of The Whisper who
      attempts to talk about it, is that
      those who have not heard it will
      react from a different perspective
      than the person attempting to
      relate it, or speak about it,
      or attempt to encourage others
      who seek it (are listening for it,
      as in meditation).

      Some of those who have not heard
      The Whisper will hear any attempt
      to relate it as coming from
      arrogance and conceit, as ego,
      because that is their only
      reference point. This problem
      of miscommunication is
      particularly exacerbated
      when the one who hears it has
      their own big-ego agenda and
      well-honed philosophy that
      may be threatened as incomplete;
      and this clash may provoke
      harsh judgmental attribution –
      even mockery...and worse.

      Those who are seeking peace of
      mind (stress management) and
      especially those who are on
      a spiritual quest may rather
      feel a heart (and mind)
      resonance with the Truth
      that is being addressed,
      and they may hear with
      "ears that can hear".

      So in truth, in Truth,
      "Self proclamation" of having
      heard the metaphorical Wisdom
      Whisper is no different than
      the self proclamation that
      one is "In Love". No one
      else can proclaim another's
      level of consciousness
      authentically. It is an
      age old double bind.

      "On whose authority do
      you speak?" is the loaded

      Yet, as Bob's quote from
      Buru Bawa noted:

      It is either God or man who
      speaks - never both. The
      Wisdom Whisper comes from
      God. And sometimes we might
      try to withhold judgment and look
      past "the man" to hear it.

      Enjoying a morning cup of
      provocative caffeine courage,

      Always in Love,

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