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1317Journal Entry, Eve-November 4

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  • eveneon
    Nov 4, 2002
      Date:November 4, 2002
      Time: 9:15
      Duration: 45 minutes (open)
      Technique: Body and breath awareness
      Position: Sitting on bed, legs crossed, hand resting in lap, eyes

      I felt like I was starting to get back into a regular meditation
      today. My concentration wasn't so great at the beginning of my
      session, but by the end it was good. I had no back pain today and was
      able to sit for 45 minutes. At one point I thought I was ready to end
      my session but when I told myself this, I found I stayed meditating
      for another 10 minutes or so. At one point I had a new experience
      that is hard to describe. As it was happening, I tried to describe it
      to myself but I couldn't. The only thing I can think to say about it
      is that it was a physical sensation and it felt like something was
      covering me. Almost like a second layer of skin. It was neither
      pleasant nor unpleasant. It also felt familiar, even though I know I
      never experienced it before. My concentration seemed to get the
      strongest when I really focused in on the sound of my breath. In and
      out. In and out. The image of waves came to me, which would roll in
      and out with my breath. I felt very calm and relaxed afterward.
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