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  • markwotter704
    Aug 9, 2004
      Hi Alyssa,

      I don't really know much about meditation, but my experience, after
      dabbling for some years, is that it all may be trusted implicitly.
      I'm at a place now where meditation is simply being aware. I look
      for thoughts sometimes, but often there are none. (although the
      looking is a thought... it wanders off to do its own thing and
      awareness stays and just enjoys.) It's quite nice. But then, I did
      several years of holotropic breathwork and had lots
      of "experiences", all of which were complely safe. (lots of emotion
      and energy work, much of which was scary at the time, but all of
      which was safe...) You're safe right now, right? I think that is
      what you will find always to be true if you just are willing that it
      will be that way. So, I don't recommend you "force" things, but that
      you pay attention to your limits, but allow that they will expand
      naturally. enjoy!

      Love, Mark

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      > Hi everyone.
      > My name is Alyssa- I'm also new to the group and fairly new to
      meditation. I've been practicing yoga for about one year now,
      recently began studying Buddhism, and very recently (about 2 months
      ago) began meditating. I usually do breath-focused meditation, eyes
      closed, and usually choose a word to use to refocus myself if I
      start to drift. I also have found myself "dozing" while sitting
      before. It seems to me as if some days I am extremely focused and
      can sit for 30-40 minutes. Other days, I start to doze, am able to
      pull myself out of it and refocus, and experience it happening again
      minutes later. On these "off" days, I just stop myself, admit that
      it isn't the right time, and call it quits for the day (don't know
      if this is "right" or "wrong", but this is what I do).
      > Because I am fairly new to meditation, I have two experiences that
      I'd like to pose to the group and see if anyone can relate (being a
      pesky human, I seem to need an explaination). Twice while I've been
      sitting, I've had very powerful experiences, and I don't know what
      to make of them. Both times, I would guess I had been sitting for
      about 15 minutes when they occured. At about 15 minutes or so, my
      mind often gets amazingly clear. During the first occurence, there
      was nothing there, and I felt this amazing sense of space in my
      perception..as if I could just sit in that space forever. I
      remember feeling as if I was encoutering ultimate truth in that
      space. Then, I just burst into tears. I was sitting there sobbing
      and sobbing. It felt good, but it also scared me because it was so
      unexpected. The second occurence happened during another sitting.
      I was focusing on drawing energy up my spine on my inhales, and down
      my spine on my exhales (like a circuit). After awhile, I felt this
      warmth begin in my pelvic area (weird, I know) and travel up through
      my body. When it reached my head, my head got warm and my eyelids
      started to twitch/ flutter. It spead through my body like a heat
      and I started perspiring. I stayed with it for awhile, but then it
      started to scare me and I decided to open my eyes and stop. After
      thinking about the experience, I started to wonder if it wasn't
      merely my mind trying to entertain itself/ distract my concentration
      by subconsciously causing these physicial sensations. But honestly,
      I don't know what it was. I could live with not knowing, but wanted
      to put this out to the group and see if these are common occurences
      that others have experienced as well (I'm sure they are).
      > Wow, that was a long email! Any comments, sharing of common
      experiences is welcome...I don't know anyone else who meditates, so
      this is really my only source of dialogue.
      > namaste
      > alyssa
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