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13146Re: Meditation newbie question

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  • Lord_Slinky@yahoo.com
    Aug 7, 2004
      Hi Bob,

      Thanks for the link, I'll check it out. As for that "not right
      feeling". I've been suffering from minor sinus headaches off and on
      for the past year (although i don't often take clarinex for it). So
      I take it its not normal for that pressure to build up during
      meditation. Well, hopefully its only the sinus headache feeling
      more intense as a result of the meditation and nothing else.


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      Lord_Slinky@y... wrote:
      > > I've just started practicing a daily routine of meditation (10
      > > 2 or 3 times a days). I'm just focusing on my breath (and
      > > it to help maintain focus).
      > > I started a week ago. Anyways, the last two times I've noticed a
      > > buildup of pressure (kind of like a sinus headache) at the front
      > > sides of my head during the meditation. Is this something
      > > maybe a signal I'm in the alpha state? Or should this not be
      > > happenning? Is it possible that I already had the headache and
      > > meditation temporarily intensified it?
      > >
      > > Slink
      > Dear Slink,
      > As an RN, I have to suggest that you get yourself checked out by a
      > physician if you experience any physical sensations that
      seem "off",
      > but the real headache we all have is the inner chatterer that
      > compares, and comments non-stop about everything. Meditation places
      > you in the position of the Witness to this neverending flow of
      > thoughts, as well as to the everchanging emotions and physical
      > sensations that accompany them, and are taking place 24x7x365. So I
      > suggest persevering non-reactively and silently witnessing what
      > by. This will be the best educational experience of (literally)
      > life.
      > BTW, I think you have chosen well to focus on your breath. I'm very
      > into breathing and do it every day:-) Seriously, I love breathing
      > techniques. You may want to check out a technique on our web site
      > titled "108, An Easy-Hard Meditation Technique" You'll find it in
      > Archives section. Here's the site's URL
      > With this method, you'll be able to track your progress nicely,
      > using counting to keep yourself focused.
      > There is no better thing you can do for your Self then learn and do
      > meditation. I wish you well.
      > Peace and blessings,
      > Bob
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