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1314Re: Journal Entry - October 30 - G- New File Posted

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 4, 2002
      As always, in all ways, Ganga is perfectly right. And Tony has shown
      his usual meditative sophistication as well. I have posted a new file
      Titled IT9-pg27.pdf, "Pleasant Meditation Distraction Traps" to our
      File section that deals with this bliss-full "problem". It is from
      the new issue of The Inner Traveler, which will be available for
      download to our members and subscribers some time tonight. I hope it
      is beneficial to all who are focusing their meditation on ecstatic
      moments instead of finding the peace within that is ever-present.
      Peace and blessings,
      "Tony" <tosime@b...> wrote:
      > Thanks G,
      > The attraction of the waves of bliss have been a major concern for
      me. I stopped meditating for several months this year to help me
      overcome my attachment to the waves. I hope I have reached the stage
      where having or not having waves does not significantly influence my
      assessment of my meditation.
      > ...Tony

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      > Namaste -
      > To still the mind do OM.... and be willing to transcend the
      > Bliss ... This is one in which many get stuck... Bliss feels so
      great that people want to cling to it... even this must be let go of
      to enter into Self-Realization...
      > Shanti om ..g..
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