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13137Meditation and Magic

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Aug 6, 2004
      Meditation and Magic

      Earlier this week, on a morning
      stop for coffee and a muffin
      at Wild Oats, a natural food
      store in Portland (Maine), I
      experienced a little magic.

      As I paid for the coffee and
      starting walking toward the
      exit, I noticed a young girl,
      probably about 3 years old,
      waving her hand in a sweeping
      motion each time the automatic
      door opened to allow people who
      approached it to exit the store.

      She'd wave her hand, the
      door would open and whoever
      was approaching the door
      would walk through. And then
      she would benevolently smile
      to herself...silently enjoying her
      magic powers of door opening.

      I stopped a step away from
      where the door would automatically
      open and looked at her until she
      glanced up at me. Then I just did
      a quick eye motion toward the
      door. She obligingly waved her
      hand and I stepped forward as
      the door opened. I turned and
      thanked her, expecting kind of
      a giggly response. Instead, but
      just as wonderfully, she gave me
      a regal nod. I humbly acknowledged
      Her Grace.

      As I walked toward the car,
      it occurred to me that children
      (and maybe children of any age,
      up to and including mine) are
      drawn to and fascinated by
      the possibility of magical powers
      of the mind and will.

      Of course, there are always
      sophisticated and mature "adults"
      who talk us out of any such nonsense.

      But, they're wrong. There is such
      a thing as magic. It may not be the
      pull-a-rabbit-out-of-a-hat magic or
      even the power to will a door open
      with the wave of a hand, but the
      magic that so many have found
      in the meditative experience is
      real; beyond words real, magical.

      This magic, found by so many in
      the meditative experience, forms
      almost the entire basis of the
      great volumes of written and
      oral reports of the mystic path,
      the mystic heart, found at the core
      of virtually all spiritual traditions.
      And even independent of
      any theism, there is a magic
      in the language of the heart
      that can be heard by those
      who are drawn to listen for it.

      Enjoying the magic,