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13124Re: [Meditation Society of America] 7 Chakras Crop Circle

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  • Bruce Morgen
    Jul 30 6:16 PM
      Pradheepkumar Chhalliyil wrote:

      > *I'm trying to be clear that the metaphors provided by
      > the "Matrix" movies are very poor in terms of helping
      > one to come to jnana, *
      > You may feel so, but for a person like me, Matrix is much for apt for
      > this century than the snake and rope analogy, because these day no one
      > has a direct expeirence of stepping on a rope because of not going out
      > barefooted in a rainy dark night. But computers we step in and out in
      > every walk of life.
      > YOu might be biased about the nature of the movie and so try to resist
      > to see the upanishad message in the movie. To tell the truth, for a
      > "seer" any metaphor would make sense.
      Substituting a fallacious
      (albeit modern) metaphor for an
      worn, anachronistic one above
      an oversized "Please buy this
      book" entreaty not only lacks
      credibility, it insults the
      perceptiveness and intelligence
      of ones potential customers,
      er, I mean, fellow "seers."
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