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13122Re: [Meditation Society of America] 7 Chakras Crop Circle

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  • jodyrrr
    Jul 30, 2004
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, Pradheepkumar
      Chhalliyil <pradheep53556@y...> wrote:
      > But that meaning wasn't intended by the authors, it is
      > projected by the viewers.
      > If the authors were not aware of it, they would not have used
      > nine different upanishad chantings in the matrix revolutions.
      > They would not have made the ending parallel to puranas.

      Chanting the Upanishads and jnana are two *completely*
      different things. I will reiterate, if the writers did
      include their mental concepts of nonduality, they were talking
      out of their hats. It was just more speculation based
      on a conceptual analysis of the Upanishads, done so within
      the alien context of Western thinking by the way. All
      that has as much to do with jnana as my dog's ass.

      IOW, nothing.

      > so I expressed myself in the context of your sales pitch.
      > Not doing sales and killing is the book would be as good
      > as your example of standign in the highway and killing
      > yourselves and understanding the "reality". It is the
      > mosconception that "realing the reality" would hamper
      > life on earth. Infact one starts to actually "live"
      > (relative) after knowign the reality, just like
      > Adhi-sankara did. Otherwise he would not have written
      > hymns and handed over to generations. Hope you are now "clar".

      I'm trying to be clear that the metaphors provided by
      the "Matrix" movies are very poor in terms of helping
      one to come to jnana, IMO. Reading the Upanishads and
      jnana are two *very* different cases, and attempting
      to glean authentic nondual understanding from the
      "Matrix" moves is even further away than just sticking
      with the shastras themselves.

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