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13120Re: [Meditation Society of America] 7 Chakras Crop Circle

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  • jodyrrr
    Jul 30 11:34 AM
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, Pradheepkumar
      Chhalliyil <pradheep53556@y...> wrote:
      > And one who knows himself as the "One" is not
      > special, as "the one" was in the movie.
      > The movie is a metaphor and represents how the minds are.
      > There isnt any one else , other than consciousness, which
      > is clearly the take home message in revolutions. As the sufi
      > saying goes "An idiot looks at the finger that points the moon".
      > We should not look at the symbols in the movie but the intended
      > meaning.

      But that meaning wasn't intended by the authors, it is
      projected by the viewers. If the authors did intend to
      imbue their movie with nondual truth, they did so from
      the perspective of speculation about nondual truth, rather
      than from a true experiential understanding.

      IOW, if they were talking about nondual truth, they
      were talking out of their hats.

      > No. Consciousness sustains *this* world. There is no
      > other world. Your belief in such creates an incorrect
      > assumption about reality, based on your *interpretation*
      > of Vedanta.
      > I did not say there is a real and unreal world, I said the
      > world is a projection of the mind and I did not say there
      > is another world. There is only one thing that is real, that
      > is Brahman (cosnciousness) alone. Where is the question of
      > mis-interpretation.

      This world is the receptacle of the mind's projections,
      but it is here whether or not we are realized. IOW, the
      world is just as real to the realized. If you are realized
      and decide to jump off a freeway overpass, a very real
      semi-truck is likely to flatten the body you appear to

      Everything is Brahman, and yet those who know themselves
      as Brahman still acknowledge the world. Sankara loved
      the world as his own Mother. He came to this understanding
      late in his life, after existing in the world as a jnani.

      > However,
      > your waiting on another world which doesn't exist will
      > only have you waiting for something that will not come.
      > You are it, this is it, there isn't anywhere else or
      > nothing else you need to be. It's here, it's now, it's
      > real, and it's all there is. It's all right in front of
      > you, right here, right now.
      > Yes, there is no waiting for relaization or for another
      > world. it is always there.

      Right on.

      > It's not about forgetting, my friend. Not at all.
      > It's about seeing the plainly obvious, which is also
      > mysteriously subtle. The first time it is seen, it's
      > astonishing to the seer how it was ever missed. It
      > is instantly recognized to be something that was
      > *always* there. Not found, or discovered, but revealed
      > by the Mother of illusion Herself.
      > "Forgetting" is the language of the mind...in reality
      > there is nothing like that. Words, metaphors could be
      > misleading if one does not get it, like looking at the
      > branch of the tree instead of the bird that is pointed at.

      I'm just calling it as I (and others I know) have seen
      it. In my opinion, using the language of "forgetting" is
      likely to create the unrealistic expectation that we can
      and should attempt to forget ourselves. Trying to do this
      would be like trying to forget that we are air breathers
      while swimming. You are likely to drown doing so.

      > Consciousness" is always there, not found not discovered,
      > not even revealed by mother of illusion.

      But it is only by the Mother of Illusion (Maya) that we
      are revealed to ourselves as Brahman. So says Sankara.

      > Illusion again is the language of the mind. Consciousness
      > was, is will be never be masked by illusion. Infact there
      > is no illusion from the absolute point and there is no
      > even need for a discussion and explaination....all this
      > at the relative level.

      Nonetheless, people are running around trying to dispel
      illusion, using the "Matrix" metaphor as a platform. It's
      a waste of time, IYAM, and so I expressed myself in the
      context of your sales pitch.

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