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13117Re: [Meditation Society of America] 7 Chakras Crop Circle

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  • Pradheepkumar Chhalliyil
    Jul 30, 2004
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      1. There is nothing *at all* special about "the one" in
         the truth of vedanta.
      The "One" is vedanta is the "one" consciousness (Brahman).

      2. There is no real world beyond the "Matrix."  This is
         it, right now.  The world is the ashram. Samadhi is samsara.
         You're soaking in it, Madge.
      Matrix is not real, it is the projection of the mind. The consciousness is the real world, from which everything seemingly gets created, sustained and destroyed.

      3. When one realizes themselves as "the one," nothing
         changes outside of one's self-understanding.  No special
         powers are acquired, no special knowledge is had, everything
         is just as it was beforehand, outside of the presence of
         jnana, which tells us nothing beyond the truth of our own
      Yes , you re-iterated about "consciousness" or Brahan.  No powers are needed and nothing changes. it is like watching a movie, you were so engrossed watching a movie that you became the character. In an instance you are aware that you are watching the movie. To know that we are the movie audience does not need any power, no speical knowledge, everything was, is and will be the same as before.
      That moment when we forgot ourself, is the moments we are discussing about through the internet. To one who is fully aware that he is watching the movie, somtimes helps a near by audience who is crying seeing a tragic frame in the movie screen. The technique he uses, is to tap on the person's shoulder and say "hey its not real, you are watching a movie".


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