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1308FW: Journal Entry - October 30 - tosime

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  • Tony
    Nov 3, 2002
      Journal Entry - tosime
      Date: October 30
      Type: Meditation on inner sounds (with earplugs)
      Time: 07:50 a.m.
      Duration: 80 minutes (open)
      Posture: Seated on chair
      Body: Eyes closed,
      - tongue tip to pallet,
      - hands on knees-index finger touching thumb.
      Room Condition: Darkened room
      - One candle
      - Incense
      - Essential Oil - (Rainforest Flowers+water on burner)
      - Bell
      Pre-session: Sip of water
      - full body stretch (3 times).
      Mind Chatter: Medium - High.
      Waves of bliss: Several - 5-8 gentle waves and 3 strong.
      Experience: Very Good Session.

      Result: Exploring waves of bliss as inducements to go deeper into

      Had the insight that waves of bliss are not only an inducement to go deeper
      into meditation they also indicate that you have passed a stage or level in

      Noticed that there are major steps and minor steps in each meditation stage.
      The gentle waves signal smaller steps and the strong waves signal major

      Experienced several waves in today's session, more than I can ever recall
      experiencing - although most of them were gentle.

      Had a vision of a genie in a bottle sending waves of bliss to lead me to
      him. When I reach him and open the bottle I would have "arrived".

      As I came out of the session I looked at the large wall clock beside my low
      meditation table and noticed that it appeared to be going slowly. This had
      some relationship to the session lasting longer than usual (80 minutes).
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