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    Jul 8, 2004


      That's a great letter, felt as existence
      delivers truth to someone, an immense gift,
      hard to handle, surprising, overwhelming, whaaauuuu....

      This tr*th touches me inside, gives me the feelings,
      someone got the experience, now _you_ are experienced!,
      _you_ start to teach, and polite _you_ ask for ''any advice''.

      There is none, except given by grace of existence!
      Maybe some preparation are helpful, maybe will damage,
      anywhay things go the way, existence rules: NOT ''I'' !

      Maybe this will be my last letter here, 'cos this
      RAP - like from Eminem - is the best gift from the U.S.,
      out of all this pressures New Bush fascime to rule the world.

      In this best U.S. tradition of Freedom for Speech,
      you'll get a RAP of mine - unfortunatly no time to sing -
      but at least as my web-performance online - cobe last time:


      ATTENTION: P A R E N T A L    A D V I SO R Y inspired by www.eminem.com


      And why RAP? All devices

      create via WEB-Sharing the one and only:
      Feelings - the lost inner connection to heart,
      inner voice, yourself, your INNER GURU!


      Provided by

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      <-Bhagwan (Osho)

      P A R E N T A L    A D V I SO R Y inspired by www.eminem.com

      YO, man Buddha RAP satsang sucks SWEAT HAIL!

      When you donna like this shit / bitch suck my dick / what are words for but entertaining ? / wonna wish wisdom weekly by mail? / pay a pimp to rent his whore! / pay a pimp to fuck you motherfuckin asshole! / wonna suck words of wisdom? / kneel down in churches! / bow down on satsang floors! / leave your shoes outside / rise up your right hand!/ keep boots on for marchin / salutate with German Bow Down / shout ecstatically SWEAT HAIL! / the blessed one your Fuehrer has come to guide you

      YO, man Buddha RAP satsang sucks SWEAT HAIL!

      The blessed one your Fuehrer guides you / free highway drive far and away / get out from your inner hell / enter priest politics pretty paradise of promises / each young bitch in love invites you inside / adore beautiful bodies when nature gets ready / push tenderly pussies to spend your sperms / exhausted hot deeply massaged all cells / bodies in sweat and orgastic impressed / next to sleep and hypnotized / your boy body mickey mouse mind starts to believe / what ever is told you / YO man YO you gonna buy all shit / when you feel the power of love

      YO, man Buddha RAP satsang sucks SWEAT HAIL!

      bloody beliefs and tristess trust triggered / switched on these dirty tricks / mental imprisoned overwhelmed of joy Hallujah HEIL Hitler alive / the Fuehrer SWEAT Jesus enters your mind / love little victim give money time life / surrender when master's mind inflames you inside / God Heroe Superidol you have to bow down / God Heroe Superidol makes raise up your right arm / Great German bow down SIEG HEIL / God Heroe Superidol Jesus Hallelujah Inch Allah / the super prick the paradise pussy the Fuehrer fucks you

      YO, man Buddha RAP satsang sucks SWEAT HAIL!

      Paradise promised Bhagwan YaHOOO! / heaven on earth Goddam Hallelujah / enlightenment is near meditate more / more mediocre exercises alone and with others / YO pay attention pimp teacher talks / promised paradise comes closer you feel ? / haha! feel what you are told to feel / get near nearer next to nothing / nothin is anythin brainwashed bitch buy this shit / matromize patronize suck this dick / pussies in power asshole lickers adore you / continously closer to agony

       YO, man Buddha RAP satsang sucks SWEAT HAIL!

      Bhagwan-Sermons and Pics ��

      Bhagwan's hands are your device

      YO the saints go marchin in / watch out YO motherfuckin money grabbers around / mass destruction mass manipulation / magnetic force of atletic illuminated illusions / YO take for real pure gold buy shit / feed pigs with shit grease meal mill bones / flesh for cows cause mad cow disease / mad mans world war with beliefs / belief in trade of terms propaganda profit / believe in Jesus to kill with SWEAT love / profit with war deathly destruction / seek search destroy kill everyone / hired havoc killers killing fields soaked with bullets / bodies bones burned but imagine in mind / politics pricks pussies stay alive / Yo just hold on to your never dieing beliefs

      YO, man Buddha RAP satsang sucks SWEAT HAIL!





       Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2004 01:08:37 -0000
         From: medit8ionsociety
      Subject: Question From Email about a meditation experience

      Hello I am an artist, rap artist� and I knew about meditation and
      such, but I never really experienced it on a very large scale (excuse
      my writing style� incorrect punctuations, but follow me) until just a
      couple of days ago. I was in the studio and was rapping; all of a
      sudden I began to hear myself in the speakers� I heard myself like I
      was everyone else listening to me.. Like I wasn't in my body!!!
      Something (?) then told me to close my eyes, I did and all I saw was
      me! I was watching myself like it was my reflection. I didn't have any
      clothes on, it was just a variety of colors moving around my shape,
      and it was like I was in a dark world. Every time I opened my eyes, it
      was like I was being pulled back into reality, then I closed my eyes
      again and went back to that world. When I was finished� everyone's
      mouths dropped and people in the studio were requesting to here the
      track I was on!!! It was amazing!!!!!  I told my friend about it (he's
      into meditation) and he said it was The Witness.... he said that it is
      one of the levels of meditation and it was basically a good thing!
      After that day�  I feel very different about this world� It is
      changing right in front of me and I have never experienced anything
      like that ever in my life. It sparked my interest soo much that I
      searched you guys out... (You site is great�I read a lot of your
      material earlier). I don't know why I wrote this to you (actually I
      do) I want to know if there is any advice you can give me, or steer me
      into a particular direction, but any word of advice would be helpful.

      Thank you



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