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13071Question From Email about a meditation experience

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jul 6, 2004
      Hello I am an artist, rap artist… and I knew about meditation and
      such, but I never really experienced it on a very large scale (excuse
      my writing style— incorrect punctuations, but follow me) until just a
      couple of days ago. I was in the studio and was rapping; all of a
      sudden I began to hear myself in the speakers… I heard myself like I
      was everyone else listening to me.. Like I wasn't in my body!!!
      Something (?) then told me to close my eyes, I did and all I saw was
      me! I was watching myself like it was my reflection. I didn't have any
      clothes on, it was just a variety of colors moving around my shape,
      and it was like I was in a dark world. Every time I opened my eyes, it
      was like I was being pulled back into reality, then I closed my eyes
      again and went back to that world. When I was finished… everyone's
      mouths dropped and people in the studio were requesting to here the
      track I was on!!! It was amazing!!!!! I told my friend about it (he's
      into meditation) and he said it was The Witness.... he said that it is
      one of the levels of meditation and it was basically a good thing!
      After that day… I feel very different about this world… It is
      changing right in front of me and I have never experienced anything
      like that ever in my life. It sparked my interest soo much that I
      searched you guys out... (You site is great—I read a lot of your
      material earlier). I don't know why I wrote this to you (actually I
      do) I want to know if there is any advice you can give me, or steer me
      into a particular direction, but any word of advice would be helpful.

      Thank you
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