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13070Re: [Meditation Society of America] New to everything...

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  • Jason Fishman
    Jul 6 10:43 AM
      Hi Trina,

      Lots of stuff on meditation, here just some thoughts for you...

      First, don't try to meditate, don't have any expectations of what that is, right now it's just
      something you've heard about and want to try out for yourself. During this not meditating, ask
      yourself some questions, honestly as possible, why am I trying this? what do I feel is the benifit
      of doing a practice such as this? and as many others that follow along that idea. When your
      certain of a goal (not neccesarily an expectation), then someone around can give you pointers and
      techniques that you can practice or if your really diligent you will find some on your own :-)
      Many pratices and/or techniques works for one person and not for anothers and some are multi
      purpose as they are normal things you might do already anyway. You mentioned enlightenment of
      which there are a variety of opinions on that concept, many profess way to much to handle and
      often just cause more stress. Try, just for now, focusing (stay away from the generalizing, like I
      want to be happy or content or stress-free, etc) on what your doing and why, if you can't find
      answers yourself, you can give out a more personal story to most of us on this list and they can
      help you find some answers too! The key here is to be open (non-judgemental) with the interactions
      among yourself and others, which often just brings forth the answers to the questions we seek
      without much fuss.

      Most folks that are diligent and honest about thier approach tend to do better and calm the noise
      in short order. Sometimes, just getting to the heart of the matter is enough for basic meditation
      techniques as well as reduced, or in some cases zero, stress in general.

      Peace and Love

      --- "T." <jedsgirl522@...> wrote:
      > Hi all.
      > I'm Trina - new to the group and I'm VERY new to meditation. I've
      > been reading the posts and find myself very encouraged to see what
      > one might achieve through growth and, I guess, enlightenment.
      > I do have a few BASIC questions/dillemas and would love it if
      > someone might have something to share about them.
      > First... when I try to sit and "quiet my mind" - I always fall
      > asleep. I've heard this is normal - but it happens EVERY time - or
      > I end up thinking about not falling asleep and before I know it a
      > grocery list or something is bouncing around my head. Because of
      > this, I've been trying a simple Budhist chant. The speaking out
      > loud keeps me from falling asleep and keeps the daily chores out of
      > my mind - but I find that I can't do it for very long - 5 minutes
      > seems to be it so far. I've also been doing some stretching and
      > breathing techniques before I start.
      > Any suggestions for a baby???
      > Thanks and I'm so happy to have found this group!!
      > Trina

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