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  • Jason Fishman
    Jul 3, 2004
      I was having this conversation with my mother today, on how it's difficult to meet like minded people. There are alot of people with so many differing views, it seems nearly impossible to find truly open minded generally happy and/or contented people. Of course there isn't a listing for ohio on that site, either.
      Peace and Love

      Lisa Cadway <la_mamita_linda@...> wrote:

      No,actually the site is not about porn and is not
      spam. It's a real, sweet, 100% free site created to
      help people find other spiritual friends. There is a
      sufi category, among others and sufi weekly quotes. At
      least it is another place we can hopefully find people
      like us.


      --- "Sara M. Leiste" <leiste@...> wrote:
      > I tried to go to the spiritual friend web site.
      > Temporarily, I can only
      > access the web at the library, and their porn
      > blocker stopped me. Could
      > someone reply and let me know if this post was spam,
      > or if the blocker is
      > over zealous.
      > Off topic: In my estimate, all blocking software is,
      > by definition, over
      > zealous, but I'm wondering if its worth remembering
      > to check out
      > spiritualfriend.com at some other time.
      > > There is a new, free site called Spiritual
      > Friend.com
      > > The URL is: http://www.spiritualfriend.com
      > > It's a positive site for an elite, yet growing,
      > group
      > > of connected people on a spiritual path who are
      > > searching for similar and like-minded friends in
      > their
      > > own cities. There are all types of categories like
      > > Buddhism, Sufism, Peace, etc. I put an ad up
      > there.
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