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13050Re: [Meditation Society of America] spiritualfriend.com

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  • Bruce Morgen
    Jul 3 3:20 PM
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      I'd say "overzealous" -- it
      seems to be mostly a personal
      ads site with a "spear-chill"
      theme and look, something even
      John Ashcroft would be hard
      put to find pornographic.

      Sara M. Leiste wrote:

      >I tried to go to the spiritual friend web site. Temporarily, I can only
      >access the web at the library, and their porn blocker stopped me. Could
      >someone reply and let me know if this post was spam, or if the blocker is
      >over zealous.
      >Off topic: In my estimate, all blocking software is, by definition, over
      >zealous, but I'm wondering if its worth remembering to check out
      >spiritualfriend.com at some other time.
      >>There is a new, free site called Spiritual Friend.com
      >>The URL is: http://www.spiritualfriend.com
      >>It's a positive site for an elite, yet growing, group
      >>of connected people on a spiritual path who are
      >>searching for similar and like-minded friends in their
      >>own cities. There are all types of categories like
      >>Buddhism, Sufism, Peace, etc. I put an ad up there.
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