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1305FW: Journal Entry - October 29 - tosime

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  • Tony
    Nov 3, 2002
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      Journal Entry - tosime
      Date: October 29
      Type: Meditation on inner sounds (with earplugs)
      Time: 07:10 a.m.
      Duration: 60 minutes (open)
      Posture: Seated on chair
      Body: Eyes closed,
      - tongue tip to pallet,
      - hands on knees-index finger touching thumb.
      Room Condition: Darkened room
      - One candle
      - Incense
      - Essential Oil - (Rainforest Flowers+water on burner)
      - Bell
      Pre-session: Sip of water
      - full body stretch (3 times).
      Mind Chatter: Medium - High.
      Waves of bliss: None.
      Experience: Very Good Session.

      Result: Argument influenced session.

      Previous evening's augment influenced session. Even before I started my
      meditation the "minor" argument was spinning in my mind. After the start of
      the meditation, a whole series of thoughts and images revolved around the
      subject. I said to myself that it might be very difficult to go beyond this
      emotional activity during this meditation session.

      As I passed though the stages, the emotion subsided. Even in stage 4,
      strands of the argument still came through. Eventually I broke through to a
      very peaceful place where nothing (worldly) seemed to matter. Had lots of
      insights and development - will be lucky if I can remember half of them.

      1) Do not rationalize images, just observe. (A page of text appeared in
      front of me. As I started to read it, the text dissolved).

      2) Include previous day's event that most influenced the meditation session
      as part of the journal entry.

      3) There was a question on time perception in meditation a while ago. Long
      before the question came up I has placed a large wall clock next to my
      meditation table. During this session, I opened my eyes a little earlier
      than usual and glanced at the clock as I came slowly out of the session. The
      clock appeared to be moving slightly faster than normal and seemed to slow
      down gradually as I came out of the meditation.

      4) Confirmation that waves of bliss are acting as inducements to go deeper
      into the meditation. As I went deeper, different waves would start up then
      stop when I stopped going deeper. At the depth I reach now I find it
      difficult to go deeper. Sometimes focusing on certain inner sounds takes me
      deeper but usually only slightly. The key might be a sort of surrender and
      relaxation - not trying anything.

      5) Exhausted my memory - there were at least 5 more insights.

      6) Very good session - lots of development.

      7) Remembered one more - inner smile or faint smile does work but I need to
      be careful and keep it in the background otherwise it could be distracting.