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13048Stepping away - Remote View

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  • Jason Fishman
    Jul 3, 2004
      Jason Fishman <munkiman4u@...> wrote:
      I've posted stuff like this before without much or any todo over it. I wonder if people on here just pass the experience by, perhaps no one here can't relate. I'd be interested in comments and/or thoughts.
      Last night I set aside a little time for a practice that I used to do quite often, but stopped for the last experience was vapid and seemed deadly. It's a remote viewing of sorts, but it doen't seem to take on the quality that I have read about in the past. Most people that I have read on the experience of remote viewing describe it as a tearing away from the body, almost like a ripping can be heard/felt.
      I did do a short travel last night and this is how it typically goes...
      It's a must (I have found) to lie down, usually on my back, but most of the time it doesn't matter anymore what position. There are 3 stages. The first is a silent witness role, as in most meditation practices, of just getting into watch mode. It's not in breath control or any other exercise though, since what your looking to do is break away from the body. As I start to fall back the second stage is a heaviness, a sinking like a ton, but if I lift my arm during it feels normal, it's something else that gets heavy. This is where I usually used to bail out, it's very, very heavy as you follow it in. The third step is as the heaviness smooths out into a float, but the sensation is practically vacant, almost as if the feeling aspect is just residual. Like feeling limbs, eyes ears, etc. are just minimal sensations, but there is a very strong emotional feeling, not sure how to describe it because typically when there is feeling of emotion there is a bodily sensation that correspondes, there just isn't that sort of sensation, it's very dull.
      After that stage I'm there and can move about (as if by will). I don't feel a balance or local I only "see" local and very fainty "hear", both of which are very clear but ghostly in quality. I don't have perfect vision and usually cant read the clock across the room well, but in this "state" it's crystal clear, but hollow in appearence. It's almost like the reverse of what a ghostly image is to a physical body. If you pass your hand through a mist, thats what it's like with normally solid objects. There also seems to be a residual self image of a body going on too, as I have gone by a mirror, looked at myself and I look like I would "expect" myself to look like. I often don't get off far, for to long, maybe 10-12 feet from the body, then the heaviness kicks in and almost immediately I'm back.
      I'm a pretty logical oriented person, all of this sounds far fetched, even in writting it. Part of it is "passing" on the logic of it "this can't be happening" which stops it pronto, although there may be a slight heaviness for a few minutes after. I can't suggest that any try it unless they have been in the heaviness stage before and know how that feels. It's not painful or anything, just very intense.
      Since many of us here talk about meditation, yoga and spiritual practices, I'd really be interested in anyones thoughts or shares, save it though if you just think I'm hallucinating, I've already concidered that! Being an LSD user in the past, this aint nothing like that at all. Since Jeff isn't around anymore, no one "goes" there much these days with me, at least not on these lists.
      Peace and Love

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