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13037Re: Knives vs Meditation

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jun 30, 2004
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, no by
      <n0by4you@y...> wrote:
      > Dear Bob, dear Gene Poole, dear Readers,
      > even as German the language English
      > as my second choice is more difficult
      > to write and sometimes to understand.
      > From this letter of my friend Gene Poole,
      > well known and - in my way - respected
      > meanwhil as worthy friend may I add my point?
      > ''Forge work on metal'' needs a higher heat
      > than i.e. cutting plum-cake into pieces -
      > don't you agree about this natural law?
      > When you get closer to this heat of fire,
      > have you experienced uncomfortable reactions
      > - like sweat, a desire to escape, to leave the place?
      > Therefore to stand the heat of the fire, symbolized
      > as ''hell fire'' in some cultures, from my P.o.V.
      > a special conditioned training is inevitable.
      > From my family and culture heritage this
      > hard education is for ''warriors'' only -
      > weak ones perish, die or leave in disgust.
      > Gene Poole gets by the years of our friendship
      > stronger and stronger in this warrior training,
      > our longtime relationship brings sweets after sweat?
      > Some rare ones with a longing for the ''heat of the fire'',
      > some rare ones stand hot, hard forge work,
      > real rare ones meditate on mind-knife, lovely art of attacks!
      > n0by

      > sheltering energy for my friend Gene Poole:

      > http://www.n0by.de/2/rst/geenepool.htm
      Dear nOby,

      Well said, in any language. When we want to get a dirty white sheet
      clean, we drown it, put caustic substances on it, grind them in,
      drown them again, put them through the wringer, and finally iron them
      out with heat and pressure. And finally they are pure and clean.
      Similarly, as you point to, when we want to turn iron into steel, we
      heat it to the extreme and burn out the impurities. We then pound it
      into a usuable shape. This is analagous to what the seeker can expect
      on his quest to inner freedom, and meditation, self-enquery, and
      other so-called spiritual practices can be seen as the tools and
      actions to use to remove the impurities and make us strong and usable
      (by, as AA would put it, "The Higher Power"). And yes, it is a
      warrior ethic that leads to being ready, willing, and able to go
      through the spiritual fire.

      Peace and blessings,
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