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13034Re: Knives vs Meditation

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  • Nina
    Jun 28, 2004
      Wow, Bob, I hadn't realized how enduringly helpful
      as well as friendly those Smokey Mountain knife shop
      folks are! The website is great, but you don't get
      the full effect unless you visit their store in
      person. It is a slice of the Smokey Mountains, a la
      Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg - not quite as over-the-top,
      mind you. Big heavy timbered stuff... and probably a
      chainsaw carving of a bear or two. Knives are nice with
      a little kitsch, you know... Lest you think it is all
      about knives, they also have quite an array of kitchen
      gadgets and "stuff"... something like a general store
      on steroids. Jam-packed full-o-stuff with something of
      a carnival atmosphere. My parents live within a longish
      driving distance of the store and it is where we went to
      find some wood carving knives for my dad.

      Nice story, btw.

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