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13033Re: Knives vs Meditation

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jun 28, 2004
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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Nina"
      <murrkis@y...> wrote:
      > You could say that knives can be consciousness evolving objects.
      > My favorite knife is the swiss army serrated knife I've had for
      > camping and such. It is better than ginsu. I can saw down small
      > trees and then still slice tomatoes. Plus, it fits very nicely
      > in my purse. LOL! I admit that I have thought to have it near
      > as a defense (hehe, how universal is THAT?) a time or two, but
      > luckily have never had to use it in that capacity.
      > Here is a link to an amazing knife store:
      > http://www.eknifeworks.com/webapp/eCommerce/prodlist.jsp?
      > Mode=Text&SearchText=damascus
      > I don't know how reasonable their prices are, but the
      > folks are "real nice" there. They are a little like a museum,
      > with lots of old, old knives on display, as well as knives
      > for sale.
      > Bob, if you think knives are big, you haven't seen the traffic
      > this side of town on the gun show days. Yee haw!
      > Nina

      Dear Ninaji,
      This is another of those "My, what a small universe this is" type
      things! I carried a swiss army knife with the amazingly effective
      serrated knife and used it virtually every day for 20+ years. Then,
      when my son was about to get married, I went looking for a good father
      to son gift for him. And naturally, I decided on giving him a
      concealed deadly weapon:-) This led me to the same Smokey Mountain
      knife company (and who, as you pointed out, now does have an excellent
      web-site http://www.eknifeworks.com ) that you kindly recommended. And
      you are so right! There are really nice people. I had found Dan a
      great turquoise knife and soon after I gave it to him, I realized that
      I'd like one for myself, because of it's beauty and quality
      construction, and as a keepsake of him (he lives in Arkansas, and me
      in the Philly area). So I called the Smokey people and found out that
      they had sold out of them. But over the course of the next 1 1/2
      years, they kept supplying me with leads of stores and people who may
      have them. And I did eventually find one, and have carried it ever
      since as the replacement to my swiss army knife (which I still do
      carry in my nursing equipment bag). I guess it was this search that
      first made me aware of knives and to begin appreciating "Man's first
      tool" on a different level. And now I know first hand what Gregji sees
      in the Chris Reeves, Benchmade autos, and balisongs knives he is
      interested in, and the understanding Sri Jason has of the craftmanship
      involved in their making. Similarly, since seeing Kill Bill 1 this
      weekend, I can see why Jason's son is into swords, and that the
      quality of sword construction it demonstrated verified in a way the
      supposition that "knives can be consciousness evolving objects".
      Peace and blessings,
      PS: Seeing the popularity and political power of the NRA, I have no
      doubt that gun shows have an enormous and enthusiastic turnout.
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