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13031Re: Meditation Society of America Knives vs Meditation

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  • Jason Fishman
    Jun 28, 2004
      Well I wouldn't go as far to say I'm a buff. I do know a little about knife making since many of my family and some casual friends are or were into making them. I do have a few, besides the standard kitchen variety, but those are the hand crafted kind and one swiss army version (like the one Nina mentioned). My son is into swords right now (via the hugely popular japanimation cartoons and video games) so I have been looking into collecting a few, big bucks though, for me anyway. I'm still more of a mind guy, that seems to be the most versitile tool out of them all!
      Peace and Love

      Gregory Goode <goode@...> wrote:
      I'm a knife buff too! Although I don't make knives, I use and appreciate good ones. I like Chris Reeves, Benchmade autos, and balisongs. Knives are easy, meditation is hard.


      On 6/28/04 07:40 pm Jason Fishman (munkiman4u@...) wrote:
      Hi Bob,

      Knife/blade making is actually a fun hobby, egads for me to say that, but it is. There is a craftsman like quality to many blades, which include durability, this to it's lasting sharpness, it's stress factor (flexibility) and it's over-all girth (thinkness). The girth end is also significant to it's balanced use in the hands of humans, which there is throwing thrusting and swinging. Anyway, this is the draw, those factors are all about adaptability which inculdes the forementioned atributes. The side effect is the use of the blades in killing sports which is also best within survivalist mode and competitive modes of showmenship. If you take a gander, you'll find even larger forums for survialist groups, which includes guns, outbacking, home building models, water purifications, gardening, hunting, power generation, etc.

      The point here is, adaptability, health, stamina for the human genome is a popular past time. Meditations being just one aspect of this "betterment" of the human race even carries, in some social circles, a showmenship quality in what can be done with the body in the frame of the tuned in mind (firewalking, endurance, extreme temperature viability and even abstract skills of esp). Meditation is one of the greatest forms of sharpening the minds skill, yet often overlooked since it doesn't carry that object quality in the way that all the externals mentioned do. Of course unlike making blades, mediation takes even more time and personal energies to manifest even the slightest advantages.

      Object dependencies are extremely high at this stage, who knows for sure what the future might bring?

      Peace and Love

      medit8ionsociety wrote:
      We now have about 375 members, and our sister/brother
      meditation/nonduality/enlightenment/etc sites have as many as a little
      over double this. I recently became interested in collecting and
      learning how to make knives. I couldn't possibly tell you where or why
      this yen came into my consciousness, but there it was, and so I sought
      out information on the web about this (what I thought was) somewhat
      esoteric hobby/calling/material desire/whatever. Well, it turns out
      that one group I belong to has 24,000 members, another 16,000, and
      another 15,000. So, I guess what I'm wondering is what the
      significance of there being such a greater apparent interest in knives
      than in consciousness evolving subjects.
      Peace and blessings,
      PS: Anybody know where I can get some good damascus blades at
      reasonable prices?:-)

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