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1303FW: Journal Entry - October 18 - tosime

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  • Tony
    Nov 3, 2002
      Journal Entry - tosime
      Date: October 18
      Type: Meditation on inner sounds (with earplugs)
      Time: 07:10 a.m.
      Duration: 60 minutes (open)
      Posture: Seated on chair
      Body: Eyes closed,
      - tongue tip to pallet,
      - hands on knees-index finger touching thumb.
      Room Condition: Darkened room
      - One candle
      - Incense (new)
      - Essential Oil - (Rainforest flowers+water on burner)
      - Bell
      Pre-session: Sip of water
      - full body stretch (3 times).
      Mind Chatter: Medium - High.
      Waves of bliss: None.
      Experience: Good Session.

      Result: New fragrance and incense.

      Good session. Start took on a new character as I spent longer in phase one.
      Spent some time allowing my mind to wonder.

      Took on the waiting servant attitude. Imagined myself as a servant waiting
      for my master to return. I sat at the entrance of the house, Buddha-like, in
      complete serenity. This attitude made it easier to reach and stay in a
      non-thinking state.

      Explored chi cultivation by focusing on various chakras and stimulating the
      flow of chi from feet up through to crown chakra. Produced new inner sounds
      and sensations. Some potential here.

      Overall a good session. Fairly quiet. Some ideas on the third world water
      tank and some management training classes I will deliver.