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13006Re: Question about severe leg, feet, & hand cramping

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jun 26, 2004
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Gene Poole"

      big snip
      > If a person desires freedom, to go
      > directly to the ultimate challenge
      > to conditioning, is to attempt to
      > reason through the 'cause and effect'
      > illusion.
      > We live immersed in a vast field of
      > 'effects' (what we call 'events'), and
      > our main, chief superstition is the
      > assumption of existence of 'cause'.
      > In every 'case' I have investigated,
      > it is attachment to 'cause', the fastening
      > of blame, the creation of self-as-victim
      > of 'cause', which has been the root of
      > suffering.
      > Even if we 'decide' that events are
      > 'uncaused', even if we decide that
      > there is no actual 'doer', those are
      > merely beliefs, superimposed upon
      > an infrastructure of assumption of
      > cause-and-effect.
      > If we have a 'therapeutic goal', it is
      > to remove the 'original band-aid'.
      > The 'original band-aid' was a remedy
      > for a misdiagnosed 'trauma', which was
      > in reality, a normal life-event, but
      > unrecognized as such by the child-
      > awareness. The original band-aid
      > was 'gifted' by the parent, and is the
      > beginning of the child's adoption of
      > the parental style of _compensation_.
      > ==Gene Poole==

      Yo Geneji,
      So you think you could slip in this brilliant sharing of wisdom
      between advise about magnesium and epsom salt baths and think that's
      all that's gonna be said about it? Wrong oh vast one! You're pointing
      to the "the creation of self-as-victim of 'cause', which has been the
      root of suffering." Well, isn't this somewhat acting like a parent
      applying "the original band-aid"?:-) Please expound on this, so as to
      avoid our being fastened to some degree of blame for our "adoption of
      the parental style of _compensation_."
      Peace and blessings,
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