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12982A Meditative Method of Dealing With Panic Attacks

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jun 20 7:33 PM
      There is a technique that can interrupt the volcanic-like explosion of
      a panic attack right in its tracks. It is done by focusing on the
      immediate environment and what your senses are perceiving in the
      moment to moment moments. An example from real life is when a somewhat
      experienced with meditation young man I knew was finding himself
      unable to drive to work because he would all too often go into a panic
      attack somewhere on the way, particularly as he would drive across a
      bridge that was the only way to get to the town his office was in. We
      went for a ride together, and as he was directed to do, he would state
      what he was aware of in the Now. For instance, he would say "I see a
      tree with its leaves swaying with the wind. I feel the cloth of my
      shirt on my arms. I smell the fragerance of honeysuckle coming into
      the car window." and so on, and so on. No analyazation, no judgements,
      just reporting aloud of what was present. With this methodology, he
      was able to drive over the bridge, and get to work without any attacks
      then, or in the 3 years since. This was achievable because he had
      given his mind a task to do, and thus not given it a chance to go off
      on its usual nasty and scary tangents.

      Aside from panic attacks, I think it will be found that this
      methodology can be highly useful in many other situations.

      Also, there was an article in the first sample issue of our
      newsletter, The Inner Traveler, titled "How to Stop Obsessing" that
      has a nice sufi tale in it that may bring some more understanding
      about how important and beneficial it can be to be in charge of your
      mind, and not just its reactive slave. The URL for the issue is at:

      I hope this will be helpful for ending panic attacks for those who
      need this situation specifically to end, and will be something at
      least somewhat worth learning and enjoyable for all.
      Peace and blessings,