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12979About Drugs and Meditation /T and A

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  • tom flou
    Jun 20, 2004
      >  Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 15:47:26 -0700 (PDT)
      >  From:
      Anna Cardinal <kalinitkadrimos@...>
      Subject: Re: About Drugs and Meditation

      > Tom,
      > Thank you for
      great information.
      > This is what concerns me, I believe 15 years of this
      toxin is possibley irreversible.
      This is a very natural worry that you can notice when it enters your mentation.
      The thought itself is not unreasonable, but you need to investigate its plausibility.
      Promoting it into a belief is a problem, then you are hooked on it,
      - until you don't believe it anymore.
      (The little man I talked about, keeps sending upp all the thoughts he think
      you need to support your current belief-system ;-)
      I, for one, do not believe it is a fact.
      I have a friend who for many years has taken Clonazepam for epilepsy.
      If he forgets to take it, he is at risk of getting an epileptic seizure,
      but he does not miss the drug in any other way - rather, he feels less tired without it.
      But when you discontinue the drug, your underlying anxiety emerges again.
      This can be mistaken for withdrawal symptoms.
      In fact this is what you choose to believe,
      according to your self-proclaimed belief-system ;-)
      >I am
      working very hard at "being surpremely happy in thought",
      All this hard work does nothing but draining your energy, Anna.
      It cannot be 'done'.
      The happiest you can get, is when you let go of all thoughts :-)
      Start with investigating the truth-value of all emerging thoughts.
      Write them down as they appear.
      Then, ask yourself, one by one, if you can be really certain, they are true.
      If not, discard them. (Once you realize they are lies, you donĀ“t want them anyway)
      It takes some doing and repetition. Don't blame yourself, if they emerge again.
      This part is beyond your control.
      >and to just tell the negative stuff that starts
      swirling around in our minds, to go away.
      >It has no true power over
      us.  We are protected all the time, even unaware,
      >and even when we
      do not consciosly asks.
      Yes! In reality there are no problems. Problems are caused by the mind,
      suggesting uninvestigated, unverified hypothesis, we chose to believe in.
      >Peace and Agape,

      You too!
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