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  • Anna Cardinal
    Jun 19, 2004
      Dear Jason,
      Thank you so much for your wonderful E-Mail.
      I am just wanting to be free of any outside toxins that are just not necessay, but it will take time.
      I have pulled myself off of about 9 meds, and am down now to just this one.(I believe part of my hatred for it, is a close friend took her life with it and alcohol.
      Thank you for your compliments. You are very well versed, and look forward to hearing from you again,
      I remain,

      Jason Fishman <munkiman4u@...> wrote:
      Anna Cardinal <kalinitkadrimos@...> wrote:
      In reading your excellent correspondence to Jody, can you give me any ideas as to what type of meditation to begin using, to help get me off a physician's RX of Clonozepem .50mg three times daily? I have been on it now for 15 yearsand absolutely hate it. I had a girlfriend who took her life in 1996 because she could not get anyone to help her come off of it.
      I have never increased the dosage, infact, try to stick to only two daily, but w/o cannot even begin to sleep. I do believe it has damaged part of the brain.
      Hi Anna,
      I was prescribed a very similar mind altering drug (it might have been clonozepam, since the name rings a bell) as well, some 15 years ago. I'm not sure why your taking the med, but I was taking it for sever panic disorder, such as they call it. I was at a point, especially when I was younger (from 10 on up) having panic attacks weekly and if not sometimes daily. Often it would get to the point that I could not leave the house for fear of having one in public, which is often even worse then just being home.

      I can only tell you some history about where I am currently and what came through during all my searching for a cure. Ultimately though it's not much more then simple submittion to the fear that arose.
      As a child it had started one evening when home with my parents, I may have been about 8 or 9. I'm not sure what envoked it, but I remember being certain that I wouldn't be able to breath and had the dreed of dying. At that time I didn't know anything about medical, biological anything nor did I have any idea about life in general. I was actually quite lucky to have a mother that would come down from her often angery point of view to try and comfort me. For some years after it was prevelent, but not major to which I would be afraid to do things with people around.
      When I turned 13 it happened again, in which I actually almost passed out! From that point on it was like a splinter in my minds eye that I would be subdued by this fear no matter what I did and it continued to happen over and over again. My mom, not knowing what todo sent me to doctor after doctor, none of which did anything for it. Then one day I was sent to a "specialist" who was no more then a counsellor that knew about this problem well and started me on breathing exercises. He, not explaining that it was an eastern technique of meditative breathing, told me straight out that this fear needed to be looked into directly, faced head on, but at 13 years old it was not something I was really even ready to do. He assured me that there really was nothing wrong with me physically and that at this age was the perfect time for me to do this, to stare the fear right in it's face. He really didn't teach me much about the workings of it (like brain chemistry and so on) those things weren't nearly anything more then an after affect of the build up of fear I had played out in my mind over and over again. I also, throughout all the years after that counsel, learned to gauge my thoughts as to when a panic attack was approaching. All this through very simple awareness, starting with breathing, then with observence of thought and then diving head first in to philosphy of life and the prudent aspect of death.
      I have had a few minor attacks over the years after and two major ones during my marriage, but after my divorce I drove full on into the mechanism of me full out. Doing all sorts of meditation and visualisation stuff. Remote viewing, vivid dreaming, heart control, exercise and all sorts of things that incorporated mind, body then eventually mind body in relation to the universe at large. Through all the very powerful realizations I have had among all this stuff, I have yet to even be in panic mode even amongst the most torturous events. What I'm addressing here for the most part is to be direct in what it is that you believe and what it is that is that is the true problem that you have been prescribed drugs to control. Also realize that anything can become habitual, from clothing to drug taking, to loving and focus on the ones that really have any power over you and your behaviors. Just in doing these things, it might just dissolve alot of the reliance on the medication. Please also note, I'm not a physician, nor have I seen a physician in many years and that this stuff is the stuff that has occured with me over the years, removing yourself from the medication too, is possible. It's been many years (7 or so) since I've had any symptoms. Although I never became reliant on any of the drugs offered, I simply refused to.
      Peace and Love

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