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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jun 18, 2004
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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Bill"
      <bilcam@w...> wrote:
      > Hello everyone, my name is Bill & i am new to this group. i have
      enjoyed reading current & previous posts from you. i have a question
      for anyone who may have an answer for me. i have been attempting to
      practice the Soham meditation. it instructs one to clear your mind of
      thoughts, but also tells me to do 3 sets of 12, or 12 sets of 12. my
      question is this, isn't counting a thought? do i contine to count or
      just estimate when 12 repetions are complete. or is the counting a
      part of the meditation. i am happy to be a part of this site, & would
      appreciate anyone's input on this matter, as i would like to do this
      technique correctly. thank you for allowing me to participate.
      > In the realm of Spirit
      > Bill Cameron

      Yo Bill,
      Welcome! There is a technique for counting that doesn't involve
      thinking, and can even be done by people who can't count up to 12.
      What you do is to use your thumb (on either hand), to touch the inner
      base of your little finger (where it joins the palm), then to touch
      the first/lower inner joint of your little finger, and then to touch
      the upper inner joint of your little finger. You would then continue
      to do this with your fourth finger, third, and second/index finger.
      This would be a cycle of 12. With your other hand, you would then put
      your thumb against the inner base of your little finger, then after
      another cycle of 12, you would place that thumb on the inner lower
      joint of the little finger. And after the next cycle of 12, against
      the inner top joint of the little finger. This would complete 3 cycles
      of 12. If you wanted to continue to do 12 cycles of 12, you would just
      continue using the thumb to touch the base, lower, and upper inner
      joints of the 4 fingers of that hand. So, with Soham, you would
      inhale, exhale, and then touch the base of the little finger on one
      hand with your thumb; inhale, exhale, and touch the lower joint of the
      little finger; inhale, exhale, and touch the top inner joint of the
      little finger. Then you would continue with the other 3 fingers of
      that hand, and then initiate the touching of the base of the little
      finger of the opposite hand with that thumb, and so on, and so on.
      This method of keeping count of your meditation is ancient, and is
      well known and used by millions of people. It becomes very comfortable
      and "doable" quickly with practice, and ends the thinking about
      thinking that counting can cause. In any event, there may be no better
      methodology than Soham, and it is best done non-stop for as long as
      one has breath, so in a way, the counting is not what counts. The full
      explanation of this wonderful technique is at:
      I hope this is helpful.
      Peace and blessings,
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