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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jun 18, 2004
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      > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, medit8ionsociety
      > wrote:
      > Actually Bobji, the psychopharmacology of drugs are a bit more
      > complex than you've described. For instance, THC and its related
      > cannabinoids have their own receptor in the forebrain. LSD,
      > psilocybin, mescaline are serotonin mimics, as is ecstasy to a
      > certain degree. In addition, cocaine addiction is regulated by
      > dopamine receptors rather than having anything to do with
      > endorphins. It's really only the opiates: heroin, methadone,
      > codeine and the like, which are involved in the endorphin cycle,
      > AFAIK.
      > --jody.

      Dear Sri Jody,

      As usual, you're right on the money! I initally did refer to
      "endorphins and other chemicals that your body produces", but then
      went on to just use the term endorphins as a catch all for all the
      inner drugs our body makes. I actually wrote this for a 15 year old
      who inquired about using meditation vs drugs as a vehicle for "getting
      high". She was tired of having to steal to afford the pot she felt was
      the only way to open new doors of perception, as Blake might have put
      it. So, I used "endorphins" as a sort of short-hand that I thought she
      could follow easily, and just get to my little message.

      Actually about 4 or 5 years ago, they (scientists or some other
      notable "they's") coined a phrase that I love for the good inner
      juices that our bodies chemical factories produce...they called them
      Anandamides (bliss-producing substances). And as Dr Herbert Benson of
      Harvard demonstrated 30 years ago in his Relaxation Response studies,
      and as recent MRI and PET scans have shown in studies with advanced
      meditators like Buddhist Lamas, "getting high"(attaining a meditative
      state) is also a matter of turning off certain chemicals, like
      adrenalin, and the brain and nervous system activities they stimulate.
      And meditation is a very valid and safe method to release Anandamides.

      In any event, besides all the science and 'drug-taking is bad' scare
      tactics, as I am led to understand it, Meditation is now about $500
      cheaper than an ounce of good quality pot:-)

      Peace and blessings,

      > > When you drink alcohol or smoke pot, or use any other drugs, it is
      > > not the drugs that get you "high". It is the endorphins and other
      > > chemicals that your body produces that bring about the pleasurable
      > > feelings. If you can picture a lock on a door, and beyond the door is
      > > a room full of wonderful things, endorphins can be considered the key
      > > to the door. Drugs can make the endorphin key start to turn the lock
      > > that opens the door. And once the door is open, good things can come
      > > out of the room and they can be enjoyed. Some drugs open the door
      > > wider and for longer periods of times than others, but they all allow
      > > some amount of good-feeling things to be used. The problem is that
      > > they all have side effects that can be considered negative. For
      > > instance, alcohol can cause you to have driving accidents, pot can
      > > give you the munchies to such a degree that you gain too much weight,
      > > crack cocaine can cause you to steal from your own Grandmama to keep
      > > the high going on, and so on, and so on. Meditation is a no-side-
      > > effect way to release endorphins that can be relied on to keep the
      > > door open wide, and for long periods of time. This has been proven
      > > medically and scientifically in many research studies, and
      > > experientially by hundreds of people who meditate every day. So if
      > > your aim is to get high, try meditation - you'll like it!
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