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  • Anna Cardinal
    Jun 18, 2004
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      In reading your excellent correspondence to Jody, can you give me any ideas as to what type of meditation to begin using, to help get me off a physician's RX of Clonozepem .50mg three times daily? I have been on it now for 15 yearsand absolutely hate it. I had a girlfriend who took her life in 1996 because she could not get anyone to help her come off of it.
      I have never increased the dosage, infact, try to stick to only two daily, but w/o cannot even begin to sleep. I do believe it has damaged part of the brain.

      jodyrrr <jodyrrr@...> wrote:
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      Actually Bobji, the psychopharmacology of drugs are a bit more
      complex than you've described.  For instance, THC and its related
      cannabinoids have their own receptor in the forebrain.  LSD,
      psilocybin, mescaline are serotonin mimics, as is ecstasy to a
      certain degree.  In addition, cocaine addiction is regulated by
      dopamine receptors rather than having anything to do with
      endorphins.  It's really only the opiates: heroin, methadone,
      codeine and the like, which are involved in the endorphin cycle,


      > When you drink alcohol or smoke pot, or use any other drugs, it is
      > not the drugs that get you "high". It is the endorphins and other
      > chemicals that your body produces that bring about the pleasurable
      > feelings. If you can picture a lock on a door, and beyond the door is
      > a room full of wonderful things, endorphins can be considered the key
      > to the door. Drugs can make the endorphin key start to turn the lock
      > that opens the door. And once the door is open, good things can come
      > out of the room and they can be enjoyed. Some drugs open the door
      > wider and for longer periods of times than others, but they all allow
      > some amount of good-feeling things to be used. The problem is that
      > they all have side effects that can be considered negative. For
      > instance, alcohol can cause you to have driving accidents, pot can
      > give you the munchies to such a degree that you gain too much weight,
      > crack cocaine can cause you to steal from your own Grandmama to keep
      > the high going on, and so on, and so on. Meditation is a no-side-
      > effect way to release endorphins that can be relied on to keep the
      > door open wide, and for long periods of time. This has been proven
      > medically and scientifically in many research studies, and
      > experientially by hundreds of people who meditate every day. So if
      > your aim is to get high, try meditation - you'll like it!

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