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12945Re: dreamlike sensations while meditating

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jun 6, 2004
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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "devineeuphoria"
      <sensi420shoty@a...> wrote:
      > I have recently started meditating (like 3-4) times so far. While
      > meditating I experience a sensation like u usually feel right before
      > falling asleep. I am not talking about a physical sensation, Like a
      > visual kinda thing...
      > am i kinda dosing off while meditating?
      > if so how do i stay awake?

      As new meditators go deeper into meditation, it is very common to feel
      sleepy and to fall asleep. It takes practice and perseverance to
      become able to focus your attention (which is usually called
      Concentration), and initally making this effort can be quite draining.
      Eventually the effort becomes effortless, and Meditation comes to you
      without you having to exert energy to bring it about or maintain it.
      It just happens, and it becomes easier and natural to maintain an
      alert awareness during your meditation practice. But if you examine
      your life, I think you will agree that it isn't really just when you
      meditate that you tend to fall asleep. We had an article in issue #2
      of our newsletter, The Inner Traveler that you may find interesting.
      It gives a methodology for staying awake when meditating, as well as
      when being bored by an event you are taking part in, and other similar
      situations. The URL for the issue is at:
      I hope it will help you maintain your concentration and help you when
      meditating, as well as at other times. There is no better thing you
      can do for your Self than learn to meditate. I wish you well on this
      wonder-full awakening adventure.
      Peace and blessings,
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