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  • WillieS101@aol.com
    May 27, 2004
      Choosing a school of meditation and a teacher, if one is so inclined, isn't an easy process. I've heard Swami Chidvilasananda and her guru Swami Muktananada say that it's the most important decision one can make. They implore the student to take time to make sure that you've found the right Teacher. It took Swami Muktananda years to find his Teacher and he gained much from the great teachers along the way, among the many was the wonderful Ramana Maharshi.

      How do you know when you've found the right one? A great question, with one of those simple but frustrating answers-- "you'll know when you've met your Teacher by your experience." Some consistent qualities of such Teachers mentioned in many sacred texts include; a great guru exists for the benefit of others; they can and do transmit a powerful inner awakening (sometimes called shaktipat) to a seeker who is sincere (that's not to say if you don't connect with one teacher either the teacher or you are not authentic/sincere); and they continue to give the means for keeping this experience of the Self alive.

      In regard to your question about Siddha Yoga and this listserv, I think that readers who love to meditate would adore Swami Durgananda's (Sally Kempton's) book The Heart of Meditation and perhaps benefit by discussing its contents. Praised by the likes of Ram Dass and Ken Wilbur, Heart of Meditation offers dozens of wonderful meditation techniques and heart opening insights into the processes, benefits, and struggles involved in establishing and keeping a meditation practice. www.sallykempton.com.

      As a devotee of Swami Chidvilasanda, Sally is also a good model of how and why one can benefit from focusing on the teachings of one master.


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