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12901A Little Meditation Advice

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  • medit8ionsociety
    May 9, 2004
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      Let your body do the work of the physical activities of your life. As
      physical responses are needed, let them not be misappropriated or
      weakened by unneeded emotional and/or mental activity. Similarly, when
      you have to use your mind, don't let your body or emotions interfere.
      And when your emotions are appropriate, keep your mental and physical
      gyrations stilled. This is real Self-control. How to do this? Witness
      your life as it takes place. Be empty with attention. And let "Thy
      will be done" be done...without your judgements, comparisons, or
      comments. Mind chatter is always accompanied by insecurity, fear, and
      unreality, and makes living your life as it takes place an
      impossibility. Meditation is a fine training ground that changes your
      inner iron into steel. And sooner, later, or immediately, you will be
      strong and gentle enough to allow your life to proceed with the
      stillness that allows you to stop and smell the roses and actually
      smell the roses.