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  • Andy
    Apr 7, 2004
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      Michael Rhodes is back safe and sound from serving in Iraq. Whatever
      anyone feels about war, or this war specifically, it is a time to
      celebrate and give thanks for his heroic actions and bravery, that
      were motivated by a desire to protect our freedom and safety. Thank
      you Michael. We owe you big time!

      *****Irrespective of the war, I am always happy when someone
      (American or otherwise) ~ who is not a terrorist ~ returns home safe
      and sound.

      I know, I know, war happens.
      It is a expression of phenomenality.
      As some have said, it spices the pot, makes The Grand Game

      Personally, I find it unpleasant, distasteful. It seems such a waste
      to me, such a poor allocation of energy, emotion, and resources.
      ($45,000,000 for one high-tech jet fighter plane. Couldn't that
      money be put to more beneficial use that a machine whose sole purpose
      is killing and destruction?)

      And yet war/anger/hostility has been with us since we have been with
      us in a phenomenal sense.

      Still, it doesn't mean I have to like it. I just don't see how
      killing people, making war (even in defense) leads to any genuine
      peace. Stopping the "war" inside ourselves, each of us, if so
      inclined, might, perhaps, produce a global difference. Or not. I
      don't know. I haven't the slightest idea. But if provoked by who-
      knows-watt, I will do it "on" myself. :-))
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