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12855Re: Mullah Nasrudin and the Scholars

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  • Andy
    Apr 6, 2004
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      *****Yes, life is a fatal "disease."

      Sometimes I ask my students "What is a sexually-transmitted
      condition, with a 100% fatality rate?" Prior to the last few years,
      most responded with an answer of "AIDS," but since the cocktails
      seem to be indefinitely prolonging AIDS victims' lives (for those
      that have the money or insurance to afford them; the biggest group,
      in Africa, clearly don't). That answer doesn't work too well any

      Once the Mulla was invited to dinner by a group of scholars. When he
      arrived, he found the other guests in a heated debate concerning
      destiny vs. free will.

      As time went by and the argument seemed endless, the Mulla was getting
      hungrier by the minute; The aroma from the kitchen became unbearable.

      Nasrudin stood up and said "If I prove beyond a shadow of doubt that
      man is predestined, can we then begin our dinner?"

      *****What about woman? Does she escape predestination? :-))))

      At this, the rest fell silent.

      The Mulla then said "I can say, with absolute certainty, that every
      man present here today is predestined to die."

      Dinner was promptly served.

      *****Ahhh but was it enjoyed post the message? :-)))
      Take it from one who is currently "on the edge," all this babbling
      about meditation, spirituality, awakening, etc. is all cerebral (and
      will get you just so far) until one comes face-to-face (in a foxhole,
      a burning building, a cancer ward) with the thought and direct
      experience of mortality. *That's* where the rubber meets the road!

      ~andy (back for a brief visit)
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