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12850Uh, This Email Might Be About Something, Or Maybe Not

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Apr 3, 2004
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      OK - Here's the email we just got. Any comments are welcomed:
      Subject: Re: To Nina and All
      From: dol <ubig0@...>

      Original message:

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, medit8ionsociety
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:

      >> Recently, Nina mistook a post
      >> from John (Newbreed) as being
      >> from me. The way it was <snipped>
      >> made it confusing, but...it
      >> was not from me.
      >> I want to state publicly, on
      >> this group - and probably somewhat
      >> to Nina's discomfort - that I
      >> consider Nina to be one of the
      >> clearest thinkers, kindest and most
      >> knowledgeable yogis, and sweetest
      >> hearts on all of the Yahoo! groups
      >> that I had been part of for the
      >> past two years.
      >> Internet group retiree,
      >> Jeff
      >> --
      >> Jeff Belyea
      >> http://www.suiteonedesign.com
      >> http://www.mindgoal.com

      (nice free advertising here - should save the consumer at least
      $1.00 off their payment fees)


      My response:
      ~*~ I'm honestly just wondering if any of you actually take the
      time to really read and then think about the comments written. The
      above is a case in point.
      Now, re read the info from posting # 12798 ...."when someone is
      making judgements about someone else, this alone indicates that they
      see themselves as separate from the rest of creation and red-flags
      their not being enlightened."

      My response is:
      ~*~ I find this all very interesting....how ones' mind can
      completely manipulate, and regurgatate the same stuff over and over,
      and have it come out somehow looking new and different to them. Same
      old, same old, retold and retold.

      Spiritual blindness.
      Now, if you decide to place a "judgement" on a person in
      perspective with the entire group, and then make
      a "critical" assessment of their personality, does that make it
      o.k. and not a criticism because from your perspective it appears to
      be positive? While from someone elses perspective (like mine) it
      appears to be quite negative - certainly to everyone but Nina.
      However, if one makes a "red flagged" judgement that another
      person is not enlightened, then I guess that's o.k. Certainly a lot
      of reading is going on here, and I suggest by subsequent postings,
      that's just about all that's done here. [That by the way was a
      critical assesment and judgement based on perspective so as to make
      forthcoming choices which will be pertinent to my experience.]

      This is all so baffling to the mind, no wonder you all are stuck on
      this forum searching til hell won't have it- because certainly
      heaven won't have any of it, and that's why your all still
      searching. Let's just talk about this all until we're so blue in
      the face, and that of course will take up at least another 1
      million years - who said there isn't t.v. in eternity??? It's
      called planet earth.
      (On the 3 times I've viewed the entries here on this board I see
      your little brain cells that hold up the red flags are completely
      unpredictable and not making any sort of common sense to me what's
      so ever.) again... does anybody read and actually use the grey
      matter to formualate the info?? Or are you all just so addicted to
      the search that that's where you get stuck???

      ~*~ oh the mind does like to go on...and go on....and go on.....and
      that's why your here playing this game. ...talkin 'bout mind games,
      oh ya. Who of your minds has gotten satisfied, yet did you
      know, if you stop running from the Truth (no you are not seekers
      nor are you even finders... you are runners) and your running so
      fast from the truth to make the game a lot more fun - then maybe
      you'll slow down long enough to see the illusion behind the games,
      and meet the Truth of it all.... . but then that would take all the
      fun out of the game now wouldn't it. You just can't quiet your
      mind long enough to get any clear sense, because your addicted to
      the game. Now, I think everyone here would have much better success
      if we all had a good b.b.q. picnic, a couple of beers, told some
      jokes about it all and had a few really good belly laughs.....now
      that's the True Buddha's meditation....now you have my permission to
      write that all down, pass it out and now charge $80.00 an hour for
      the facilitation and delivery of it.... hmmmmmmm.......

      Now, having read past posts from the Medit8tion society
      moderator having ordained Judy Rhodes as "Shri" Judy Rhodes,
      is quite honestly something we could all have a good giggle about,
      and again, just shows how some people will follow anyone. Because
      her strong perspectives swing from the same pendulum as yours,
      except she's disillusioned with it all, while you are still all
      addicted to the illusion , she on the other hand is addicted to the
      negative illusion aspect so is looking at it from a different
      perspective, albeit no more healthier. You don't see that she is
      still playing the game, only on the critical end of the pendulum.
      And the pendulum swings back and forth and will hit you all in the
      ass, and that's what your all getting. But, then again, I'm
      seeing that it doesn't take much for you to label a person
      as "shri" just anybodies words that you really don't understand
      seems to fit the bill. You'd all be much better off to forget about
      this nonsense yet if you must meditate, meditate on "the middle
      path" which quite possibly in 2 million years might shed some light
      in the old grey matter....ya shri judi included. And sorry to be
      the one to tear down your needed illusions on "shri" Judi, but she
      is just as addicted to the game as you are, I repeat, just from the
      other end of the pendulum. Whereas your struggling to build up the
      seeking game, and using this forum as one vehicle, she's struggling
      to tear it down, and using her forum as a vehicle....it's still a
      game, and your all still playing......different teams, but your
      still playing....
      Are you having fun yet ??????????????

      get it????? do you get it???? no not just reading it....but
      getting it????

      Just go walk away from the computer now and have yourself a good ole
      belly laugh. Why do you think the statues of the Buddha have him
      portayed as giving a good ole belly laugh !!! I should know.
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