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128324 Months Old and Enlightened

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Mar 28, 2004
      Bette and I visited with Jordan today, and were amazed how very very
      very "Here and Now" she is. Totally honest, awake and aware moment to
      moment, smiling openly with love, beaming light and happiness, without
      a trace of ulterior motivations, she seems to have the whole
      "enlightened guru" package, minus a specific methodology to sell. And
      unlike those who proclaim their "Realization", and other similar
      adjectives/adverbs, she just "Is", and has no indication at all of an
      urge to try to teach anyone how to be like her.

      This brought and brings now thoughts to my mind of Richard Rose, whom
      many consider as having been a fully Enlightened person (for instance,
      Sri Sarlo has rated him with 3 Buddhas, if my memory is correct). And
      yet, Mr. Rose now has Alzheimers, and my thoughts went to questions
      that went in a direction of comparing Jordan's state and Mr Rose's. I
      remember reading about how he just stands around and smiles alot now.
      So there is a great difference in their presentations. She's just
      starting to do more and more things, and from my many years in Long
      Term health care, I'm sure that those with Alzheimers can be
      accurately characterized as doing less and less. Ones neurological
      connections have not yet connected very much, and the others neuro
      network has been coming apart. And yet, this may equate to both having
      a similar level of mentation. Also, I don't think that either has a
      feeling/understanding/thought of their being separate from the rest of
      creation....the proverbial "Not-two" state.

      In any event, I'm just riffing, and wouldn't think of asking either
      Jordan or Mr. Rose for directions about anything, let alone about
      things dealing with consciousness evolution, but I did enjoy being
      with the baby today, and am thankful she is helping me touch that
      inner baby in me. And I am thankful of all the wonder-full things Mr.
      Rose shared when he still presented as the Enlightened version of him.

      Peace and blessings,