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12831Re: Neuropeptides-Molecules of Emotions

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  • elargonauto
    Mar 26, 2004
      Anyway just with the brain you can get lost. With its thousand of
      millions of neurones adapting and changing, adapting and changing. It
      is exactly the same. There is not a central power of intelligence,it
      is an organism created by trillions of componentents that magically
      do their job wonderfully.

      The advance I see with neurpeptides if the greater relevance that
      is gaining the spine. That has been traditionaly an important element
      of spiritual development and was quite forgotten.



      > > So the neuropeptides are substances (amino acid codes or keys)
      > > make us think the thoughts that arise from the emotions they
      > > stimulate in us.
      > I suspect Pert and others have reached thus far.
      > I would say, ........a thought (and all emotions are basically
      thoughts, with maybe an associated sensation in the body),......
      > ...is the consequence of the specific profile and the specific
      inter-relating play of the billions neuro-peptides, in the moment.
      > Moment to moment to moment.
      > There is no "us" which is made by the neuropeptides.............to
      think so, or emote as so.
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