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12756Re: Crossing over?

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  • jodyrrr
    Feb 26, 2004
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, acra@h... wrote:
      > I am not sure if everyone/anyone believes in this but I am to
      > understand that meditation helps one cross over into other relms. Can
      > anyone shed any light on that? Thanks in advance.

      If you want to waste your time chasing castles in the sky, then
      there are various meditation practices that will help you find them.

      However, these forays into other realms are simply forays into more
      delusion. You are trading the delusion of being an individual in
      this realm with that of being an individual in another. What's worse,
      the mind can make up whatever it wants in these realms and then
      generate these "realities" as so-called truth. This is in effect creating
      your own path of illusion and then pulling yourself along it into ever-
      increasing depths of delusion.

      The plain and simple fact, one that is quite commonly overlooked in
      the search for exotic experience, is that who you are and what you are
      looking for are always right here, closer than your own breath, in
      your own heart, completely outside of any realm whatsoever.

      You don't need to go anywhere else except right here, right now
      to find yourself. In fact, that is the only place you *can* find
      yourself. All you'll find in the other realms is more of the same
      bullshit you find in this one, only less solid and more illusory.

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