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12752Heyyy, I am new

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  • o_chump
    Feb 25, 2004
      Hello everyone out there, how are you???? Yesterday I become a member of
      this group and I am happy because now I can share with otrhers mi
      experiencies, I have to say that I recently start to meditate so I dont know very
      much so far, but I have this strong feeling of goodness in my heart for long
      time ago, so I would like that this part of me can go out so I can help the
      others, I really think that everyone with some effort and decision can do a lot
      for this sad world.
      Dont stop practicing and searching for the peace of the world, dont stop
      helping peolple because the human being was create to give love, so much
      we give, so much we recieve, its so simple, good luck to all:


      PD: If anyone want to chat with me via MSN, just add me or tell me your email