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12739Re: [Meditation Society of America] What_some_experienced_meditators_can_do_that_others_can’t

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  • Richard
    Feb 20, 2004

      How does one achieve this state?

      Best Wishes....


      --- medit8ionsociety <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      > When doing a physical task, like changing a flat
      > tire, they don't let
      > their emotions get involved or their mind start
      > commenting about the
      > situation. They just change the tire. And when there
      > is an emotional
      > situation, like calming a crying child, they use
      > their emotions, and
      > not their intellect or physicality. And they send
      > their soothing vibe
      > to the child. When they are faced with an experience
      > requiring their
      > intelligence to be involved, like figuring out their
      > taxes, they don't
      > permit their body to get uptight or their emotions
      > to soar. They
      > simply get the task done. And always in all ways,
      > they are in touch
      > with their inner Witness, which is never-changing,
      > and is always aware
      > of the present, ever-changing activities of their
      > body, emotions, and
      > mind. This methodology saves energy instead of
      > squandering it, and
      > this energy is then applied to consciousness
      > evolving creativity.

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