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12733Yoga and Meditation

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Feb 17, 2004
      Two emails today dealt with the same question, so I thought I should
      post a paraphrase of my answer here. The question was if doing Yoga
      was necessary and/or beneficial to meditating. My answer was
      something along these lines.........

      Yoga, actually Hatha Yoga, the yoga that involves physical postures,
      for millenia was actually primarily considered something to do so as
      to let the practicioner sit in meditation without the body
      distracting them. Yoga means union, and all yogas (Hatha, Karma,
      Raja, Bhakti, etc), are intended to unite us with "The Highest". This
      ancient role has now been relagated to a very minor function of what
      is usually being taught in the USA now as "Yoga". And what we often
      now have is a form of gymnastics and body conditioning whose primary
      goal is to gain a better figure, increased strength, flexability, and
      good health. All very good goals, but "real" Yoga is such a very
      valuable tool for consciousness evolution, that I think that by
      ignoring the meditative aspect, the students of these type systems
      are being shortchanged of the golden treasure that "classical" Hatha
      Yoga can be.