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127Re: Problem with ego.

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  • eveneon
    Jan 21, 2002
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      First of all, please don't be hard on yourself.
      The fact that you are noticing your behavior and that
      you want to stop doing it is really wonderful. Most
      people aren't even aware of thier negative behavior.
      And, I know how you feel, because I have been there.
      Just continue to witness your behavior and when you
      can, control yourself from saying the inappropriate
      thing. Even if you have to walk out of the room.
      Remember, this doesn't have anything to do with anybody
      else and how they are being, it is about you and your
      perception of things. Continue to meditate. Two meditations
      that you may find helpful with this, that are on the
      meditaion society's website, are: #38, The Dali Lama's
      Meditaion and #70, Non-Expression of Negativity. If you
      truely wish to change your behavior, eventually you
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