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12684John Nash/A Beautiful Mind

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  • freyjartist@aol.com
    Feb 3 9:32 AM
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      In the film,  A Beautiful Mind,
      John Nash's wife, after having faced
      the possible drowning of her child and herself
      being shot by John says,  

      "I need to know that
      a miracle is possible".   

      In his hopelesness
      and desperation, and suffering,
      John asks his wife,  "What is real?"

      She responds,  "I'll tell you what is real.
      THIS."   She takes his hand and places it on her heart
      and her hand on his heart.  She looks directly
      into his eyes.
      It is a alcheimical, transcendant moment,  devoid of
      logic and reason.

      After a while, one little step at a time,
      John becomes able to face his demons
      and be able to function peacefully
      in the world again.

      In a speech he makes upon receiving
      the Nobel Prize for Economic Science
      he says:

      What truly is logic?
      Who decides reason?
      My quest has taken me to the physical,
      the metaphysical, the delusional....
      and back.

      I made the most important discovery
      of my career -- of my Life:
      It is only in the mysterious equations of love
      that any logic or reason can be found

      ~John Nash
      Nobel Peace Prize for Economic Science

      No longer exists the need to makes sense of experiences
      and ascribe meaning or cause

      when Mind <--------> Heart  becomes One

      and then manifests into Will