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12667Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Pallavi's question

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  • Jason Fishman
    Feb 3, 2004
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      sandeep <sandeepc@...> wrote:
      canniness deciphering through canniness,
      true compassion versus shame,
      needing a context to reply to a kid ....
      ___ Yup all this on a meditation group, none the less. Simply ironic.
      ......all from a set of pictures put together by a kid.
      The making of the presentation, the collection of the pictures, using the contrast between an ice-cream and survival,....sure,... that is savy young mind at work.
      It is not a  bewildered presentation.
      The bewilderment is in Pallavi seeing her world, as she sees it, ..........where,........ in her words "if I am not asking for someone else's ice-cream, why cannot I be left alive, unhurt and not hungry, and with my Papa".
      Yes Jason, it was/is essentially for her,........ " Why has it to be this way?"
      __ I think it's essentially that way for alot of people or maybe even ALL people. The driving question "why" moves people daily.
      If anybody has an answer for Pallavi and you are moved to articulate it,..........do so.
      __ As far as the answer, a ditto from me on Melody's post.
      The rest of the load of crap,............... just uses up band-width.
      Thank you Melody
      Why am I not suprised that you, if at all you would respond, ..........it would be to Pallavi....:-). 
      Nina, what was my answer?
      Nothing.Or not in words.
      I just held Pallavi in my arms, till her sobs ceased.
      Maybe, some other time, words may be needed.
      I will await for that need, the moment of that need and for the words to arise in that moment.
      If they do.
      ___ Moving words, Moreso then the presentation.
      Jason, you were intrigued why that file to this List and not to others.
      It has got uploaded to a few more.
      Any particular one that you feel I have missed?
      ___ Not really, I'm not on many to take note. Your post would have gotten picked apart on most of the others, if it hadn't simply been somewhat ignored. The real problem is, it's not MY problem. Non-dual or religious schema aside.
      To most on the Democracy List, I had sent as personal emails. Many bounced back, after hours of uploading time.
      Hence decided the List route.
      __ Makes sense. I was curious if there was an instinct that there might be people more moved to write thier hearts here, then say over at the ranch. Not important just curious.
      I tend to think there is a great deal of dishonesty, here, there and everywhere. I think there is a buch of liars in among self-inquirers, among the politics of social behavior, I think it's not MY problem, knowing full well whats at play, is the biggest lie one can tell, along with playing out that lie as it trickles through the world.
      Since the issue was brought up as to intention here, I really could give a crap where it came from. Only that it's truthful, that it is what everyone deals with, whittingly or not, daily. Unless of course one is in a coma ;-)
      Do I think this has been going on for centuries? yup!
      Do I think it has gotten better since the cavemen? Absolutely no doubt, it has. Much farther away we are then survival of the fittest. I really don't have to do much and someone somewhere will "help" me out. Which at some point will be my reality, if I live that long.
      I typically see a continued clawing at the bounderies that keep us at odds, that keep this play of money/stuff/power, deforrestation, sucking up natural resources (irresponsibly), screwing up the enviroment, etc. etc. We have tons more to learn, no doubt...Hopefully we KEEP trying at it, trying to be more honest, more in tune with what keeps us living "creatures" on this planet. There is one thing for certain to me is I'm gonna die as a human body, best live as freely as a human body as I can (as responsibly as I can), without hindering "other" human bodies desire to live as well. Otherwise we mine as well blow the whole damn place up!
      YEA, YEA... I've heard it said a billion times too... And so it goes...
      Peace and Love

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