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  • Jason Fishman
    Feb 2, 2004

      Bruce Morgen <editor@...> wrote:
      Whatever, we each in our own
      way took Sandeepji's bait --
      you to express generosity with
      (your and other folks') material
      wealth, me to point out some
      deft game-playing on Sandeepji's
      So, there is bait? A game between the haves and have nots can easily be taken out in football field or any other sports venue, which doesn't neccesarily have to envolve weapons of the haves protecting their goods from the have nots. If it's entertainment one see's when watching people dying long slow and very painful deaths then that seems like it can be avoided. I'd be hard pressed to honestly say that human life conditions, over the centuries hasn't gotten "better" through all this turmoil. Although I'm certain, looking through non-dualist eyes, sees this as hoopla. Sandeep has offered up a group that appeals to the thoughts of a better governing body (if for no other reason then his own amusment) which has often sparked some pretty wonderfully thought out debates or bait, as the case may be.
      The meditative state is
      one of equanimity to either ilk
      of response -- creation is
      perfect with or without human
      material generosity (a perogative
      of the relatively wealthy) and
      selfishness (if not overdone, a
      simple survival trait) or, for
      that matter, the ancient (but
      merely apparent) dichotomy
      between the two.
      Great, I'm certainly glad that you have the meditative state down to a science, material generosity (in the aspect of food and viable shelter) isn't even where I was looking. If anywhere it would be in exemplifying a generosity between the local haves and have nots.
      The Global society has been born with the advent of technologies to traverse distances in shorter periods of time and carrier more people. We basicly use this technology to trade goods travel or go off to war, yet at home (the source of those goods, even in simple concept) is how we go about our daily lives. I'm addressing what can be done at home (so to speak) as to have a system that works a little better (more even keeled) that is more self reliant. It's very apparent that all one has to offer is ablility to enjoy life without hinderence of food loss, shelter dismantaling, and a way to keep things somewhat balanced. To you there may be no way, everything is functioning just fine, that is your contribution as noted, within your ability.
      Peace and love

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