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  • Jason Fishman
    Feb 2, 2004
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      Nina <murrkis@...> wrote:

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, freyjartist@a...
      > <<I personally don't see this
      > girl as "bewildered" at all.
      > Like most bright, computer-
      > equipped kids of her years,
      > she's far too savvy to not
      > be aware of the age-old
      > haves vs. have-nots
      > dichotomy that has
      > characterized human history
      > from the recorded gitgo.
      > Sandeep is also very canny
      > -- he's presenting this as
      > a guilt trip to ellicit
      > sympathy from materially
      > comfortable middle-class
      > folks who, by dint of
      > cultural and/or hormonal
      > conditioning, are attracted
      > to little children.  There
      > is a big difference between
      > guilt/shame-provoked
      > sentiment and true compassion,
      > which isn't in the least bit
      > sentimental and is never the
      > result of deft emotional
      > manipulation.>>
      > Oh Bruce....does there always have
      > to be an agenda behind everything?
      > Cannot any kind of 'world in opposites'
      > situation simply be taken as another
      > opportunity to see what arises, to
      > question our own deeply embedded, deeply
      > invested in beliefs?
      > If guilt arises, it does.
      > Look into that.
      > If the impulse to curse Dubya Bush
      > arises, look into that.
      > If the impulse arises to look at
      > what one is doing in their own life,
      > look into that.
      > What could be so bad?
      > Everything in life has an opposite.
      > ~~freyja

      Freyja, Sandeep's post is likely not
      about 'what arises'. However, since he
      is noticably silent, we may never know.
      We are, however, playing out the 'puppet'
      role admirably, by debating these things
      in his absence. In essence, we are showing
      him the 'ass' he probably expected to see.

      ___This does provoke a good laugh, I hope he well recieves. Glad to be an ass for the cause of the less suffering scenerio.

      I tend to side with Bruce, in that Pallavi
      isn't so much bewildered, but making a point,
      which she has 'figured out'. People don't
      tend to put anything out in the world unless
      they've 'figured it out' in some way. It may
      be seen that this applies to Sandeep's post,
      as well.

      __ No real need to run on assumption, it did cause a small stir.

      Have you ever spent much time taking in
      'performance art'? At some point, you realize
      that your participation in it is merely to
      show up and have a reaction. You play the
      puppet role - moved by the performance art
      as if it were the puppetmaster. That is what
      'art' is about - skillful manipulation. The
      artist trains for years to learn how to
      effectively produce reactions - whatever they
      might be.

      ___ True, although a crying baby effectively produces a response as does a smiling one, quite so, more effectively then many trained actors.

      Have you ever gone to such a performance
      and not played along? The artist, and all the
      puppets, get very upset. You might ask why
      it is such a sin... not to play along.


      ___ I wonder how one would go about orchestrating a play that everyone enjoyed much of the freedoms us americans have come to understand? COuld we simple put on a display of the gift of minding our own affairs enough to in that we have such a contented/self reliant society that the global community can learn from if they so choose to? I wonder...

      Peace and Love

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